1. About the Guide

About the Guide

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a critical activity in development planning and contributes to creating a safer, more resilient society. Environmental Impact Assessment assists in making decisions about how we develop and use the land, so that we balance sustainable economic growth with environmental integrity and social well-being. Sound development planning is particularly important to small States that are highly vulnerable ecologically, economically, socially and that will see increasing challenges to their socio-economic development in the future.

The Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Guidelines for Development Applications have been developed by the Environmental Impact Assessment Committee of the Planning and Development Board to provide guidance on the rationale, approach, and process of screening applications for development to determine the need for an EIA. This is in accordance with The Planning and Development (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations, 2021 of the Planning and Development Act 2019-5 (amended 2020), Section 4 paragraph 1, which requires the establishment of guidelines for the screening of development applications. The regulations also require that those guidelines should be made publicly available.

These Guidelines explain the legal and regulatory basis for EIA, and the process of screening development applications to determine whether EIA should be requested. It also provides practical guidance on the matters that will inform the screening of development applications i.e., the types of development that will trigger a request for an EIA based on the legislation, and the any additional policy considerations that are relevant.

The Guide is therefore useful for any individual or organization applying for, or planning to apply for, development permission in Barbados.

Download pdf guide - Environmental Impact Assessment Screening Guidelines