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Mission Statement
To ensure that all members of the public are accorded an efficient and timely planning service in order to provide the best physical environment possible for the island.

Recent Posts

Public Consultation on Draft Physical Development Plan Amended 2023

Last updated on Wednesday May 22nd, 2024

“The Physical Development Plan 2023 (Amended) is now in the final stages of adoption.  The Plan sets out the government’s vision for developing Barbados and provides a spatial framework to help deliver the government’s mandate. A review of the Physical Development Plan Amended 2003 was completed in 2017 and produced a Draft Physical Development Plan […]


Published on Saturday June 10, 2023

The Customer Service and other sections of the Planning and Development Department, located on the first floor, Warrens Office Complex, St. Michael, is temporarily closed due to issues with the cooling system in the building. Members of the public are reminded, however, that they may still conduct business via the Department’s e-portal. Additionally, they may […]

Planning and Development Department Board Decision Template Deployment

Published on Monday May 22, 2023

We wish to advise that effective Monday, 22nd May 2023 the Department has rolled out the new Planning and Development Board decision module to the public. These decisions will now be generated and issued from within the Department’s ePlanning system. The new decision module is but one of the ongoing additions to the Department’s electronic […]

Publicity Notices

Some planning applications are required to be publicised. At our publicity page, you may view current publicity notices available for you to share your thoughts on. You can also view old publicity notices.

Planning Process

Planning has adapted and revised to ensure that the department fulfils its mission to deliver a timely and efficient planning process. To this end, the system has reduced to five (5) main sections.

Planning Requirements

The planning department requires a series of documents and plans to process applications. The requirements detailed below are related to most applications; however, building starts, certificates and finals plans may require less documentation.