Why is effective enforcement important?

Effective enforcement is important to:

  • tackle breaches of planning control which would otherwise have unacceptable impact on the amenity of the area;
  • maintain the integrity of the decision-making process;
  • help ensure that public acceptance of the decision-making process is maintained.

How quickly are planning breaches investigated?

Enforcement action is a crucial component of the planning system. All reports of possible breaches of planning control are taken seriously and investigated as quickly as possible. Obviously, some breaches are more serious than others, and must be investigated more quickly and therefore it is necessary to prioritise them.

Are complaints kept confidential?

While breaches of planning control are discovered through direct action of planning officers i.e. during site visits/field work, most of our information is received from reports by members of the public.

If you report a breach of planning control, we will deal with your query or complaint in confidence. Your name and address will not required, but if given it will not be revealed to the person or organisation involved in the possible breach.

What information will we need to investigate your complaint?

When making a complaint you should supply as much information as possible about the current and previous situation, including:

  • The exact location of the building or site
  • When the activity started or when it occurs: and
  • The names and addresses of any owners, occupiers or companies involved (if known)

What will we do if you make a complaint?

We will:

  • Acknowledge and record your complaint on receipt
  • Assign your complaint to an enforcement officer for investigation.
  • Visit the property to see what has taken place, what harm it is causing and how it might be resolved.
  • Write a site report and, where necessary, discuss the matter with a planning officer to decide what, if any, action is to be taken.
  • Inform you of the outcome of our deliberations.