Over the years, planning has been adapted and revised to ensure that the department fulfils its mission to deliver a timely and efficient planning process. To this end the system has been reduced to five (5) main sections:

  • Submission
  • Consultation
  • Site Visit
  • Decision
  • Dispatch

These five sub-processes facilitate all department requests, especially the following types of applications:

  • Formal application (outline/full)
  • Permitted Development application also referred to as SL/8
  • Chattel House application
  • Permission to Kill Tree application
The application process
The application process


On submission of an application at the Front-Desk/ePortal, it is checked to ensure that all the requirements for submission have been met. Please see the planning requirements section. When the application is successfully accepted for submission and payment made (if required) then:

  • A reference number is generated.
  • An acknowledgement letter is emailed or given to the applicant/agent.
  • Automatic submission to the Environmental Protection Department (if required).


The department may refer the application to various governmental agencies and request additional information from the applicant/agent. Consultations are required to be returned to the department no later than 30 days after the initial request.

Site Visit

A site visit will be carried out by the department to gather the site conditions; an assessment of the site, floor and elevation plans to ascertain whether the plans meet the required building line, side distances and plot coverage. Also verified from this visit is a determination of any restrictive policies such as:


After completion of the site report, a Town Planner then assesses the application in context with the site report. A determination is made as to whether the application (and its plans) can be permitted or refused. The permission/refusal may contain conditions, informative matters and reasons.


The applicant/agent is notified of the decision made by the department via email and/or registered mail.


The applicant may choose to appeal the decision of the department or conditions/information matters and reasons. The appeal should be made to the Minister responsible for Town Planning matters within twenty-eight 28 days of the date of the decision.