Applications for publicity will be discussed during the pre-consultation phase with the assigned planner who will inform the applicant of the wording to go on the sign including the graphics.

All site notices must be completed in full and all details included on the site notice must correspond with the details of the planning application. The applicant should submit photographs of the displayed notice(s) to the planner within five (5) working days of the request being made by the Department to display the notice. The email should be titled with the application number and the word “Publicity Photo”. One photo should be a long range photo which would show the sign within the context of the area and a close up photo showing the text.

If this information is not submitted within the required timeframe or the information does not comply with the requirements the Director shall determine that the application has been withdrawn by the applicant and may cancel and return the application to the applicant. The applicant is not entitled to a refund of any application fee paid with respect to the application or to any form of compensation.

Size of Sign



IMPORTANT NOTICE is written at the top of sign centered.

Font :  IMPORTANT NOTICE   (Arial Black)

           IMPORTANT NOTICE (Arial Rounded MT Bold)

           IMPORTANT NOTICE (Arial)

Size of Font: 30

Colour:  Blue

Body of Sign

On the right hand side of the sign a brief description of the proposal should be given. The heading should start with “A change of use is proposed for this site in the form of …”

The description should be concise and easily understood by the public. A basic understanding of the proposal should be placed there which will be provided by the Department. The public should be directed to the websites for any further information.

Below this the applicant’s name, address of site is placed and Application Number of file.

Follow this is: For more information on this file or to tell us what you think:

Applicant’s website

Planning Department Website

Planner’s email and phone number

On the left hand side of the sign a picture of the development when completed should be placed either schematic or drawing or location plan of the site. To the side of this picture relevant information pertaining to the development will be given e.g. number of houses to be built, number of storeys, number of lots to be created, number of parking spaces, area of retail, etc.

On the left-hand side (bottom left) of the sign a space should be left for the details of the public meeting once this has been finalized. Once public meeting has been finalized a label should be printed and adhered to this section of the sign. This label should be legible and should contain the date, time and location of the public meeting.


The sign should be made of weathered proof material and it must be durable to with stand being on site for 21 days.

The sign should also be able to withstand hurricane force winds. If the sign is damaged or removed before the 21 days the sign shall be replaced as previously placed.


The sign shall be sited behind the road reserve of the road. The sign MUST be clearly visible and legible to which the public has access. If the site is large and has more than one access then you will need more than one sign for coverage.


The notice shall remain on the site for not less than twenty-one (21) days. Applicants are required to remove and dispose of the notices once the 21 days has passed.

Mounting Height

The sign should have an overall height of 1.9 to 2.0m or 72” to 79”. This height is the top of the sign when mounted above grade and free from any obstructions. To accommodate people with impaired vision and mobility signs should be mounted at a height that ensures text is positioned between 1.2m and 1.5m above the ground or finished surfaces.

To ensure that your sign is displayed at the correct height the top of the sign when mounted should be 1.9 to 2.0 metres above grade and free from any obstruction.


The signs may be attached to an existing building or structure, or mounted on T-bars, 4 x 4 posts, site hoarding, a fence or other reasonable structure that is fully accessible to the public.