(Paragraph 16(3))


  1. Any application for which an environmental impact assessment is required pursuant to section 30 of the Act.
  2. Any application of strategic economic or environmental significance which is referred to the Minister pursuant to section 33 of the Act.
  3. Any application for development that is inconsistent in some material respect with an approved physical development plan for the area in which the proposed development is located.
  4. All applications for building or engineering operations for or involving the demolition or alteration of a listed building or monument or the disturbance of a listed site.
  5. All applications for building and engineering operations for construction of a shopping mall or retail complex.
  6. All application for the construction of a building commercial (including offices) or industrial uses of 1000 square metres or more gross floor area.
  7. All applications for the construction of 20 or more dwelling houses.
  8. Construction of a hotel or other building or building complex for accommodation of tourists comprising 10 bedrooms or more.
  9. All applications for the construction of a restaurant of 100 square metres or more gross floor area of the part of the restaurant used for seating and servicing customers.
  10. All applications for the change of use of one hectare or more of agricultural land.
  11. All application for change of use of dwelling house or buildings lots in residential subdivisions or on land historically in residential use that is adjacent to other land in established residential use.
  12.  All applications for the subdivision of a parcel of land of 2 hectares or more in area or to create 25 building lots or more.