This policy came into existence in 1984 and was amended on January 02, 2001. It is to control domestic waste discharge in the area. The following policies apply to the area:

  1. There shall be no new development within the restricted area except it is associated with the Harrison Cave;
  2. The practice of Class 1 Agriculture ( e.g. the rearing of animals) is strictly prohibited;
  3. There shall be no change of use.
  4. There shall be no subdivision of land which results in the creation of vacant lots.
  5. Existing buildings will be allowed improvements subject to the special sewage disposal now enforced in Zone 1 Areas e.g disposal through an approved septic tank and approved filter bed containing gravel and activated carbon disposal into a soak-away no more than 4.5m (15’.0”) deep (This will be amended once the new water zone polices are in place) and
  6. There shall be no increase in the capacity of any building e.g. a single family house cannot be upgraded to a two family unit.