Barbados Physical Development Plan 2017

Town & Country Development Planning Office

Key Directions & Concepts

The PDP amendment creates a contemporary policy framework to guide land use, development and infrastructure decisions in a manner that promotes sustainability and resiliency across the island.

A focus on:

Planning for sustainable development and a resilient nation
Accommodating steady state growth that focusses on reinvestment in existing settlement areas and community cores
Addressing scarcity in food, water and land
Creating healthy, walkable and liveable communities for the population today and the diverse and aging population of the future
Protecting and investing in core and irreplaceable assets such as food and agricultural land, natural heritage systems and cultural heritage
Shifting our modal split to reduce dependence on the car and congestion levels
Enhancing natural heritage and the environmental systems that run "ridge to reef" linking the island's terrestrial and marine environments.
Promoting the Green Economy in Barbados through sustainable tourism, economic development and resilient infrastructure.