Barbados Physical Development Plan 2017

Town & Country Development Planning Office

Vision and Principles

The Physical Development Plan seeks to achieve a vision for Barbados over the next 20 years as:

A nation of healthy, safe, distinct and age- and gender-responsive communities sharing a common economic base and community aspiration;
A nation in which resilient, sustainable economic and physical growth are balanced with conservation and restoration of irreplaceable resources, rural working landscapes, cultural heritage and natural heritage;
A nation which fosters a green economy focused on strategies to enhance resource efficiency and economic growth, in particular in the sectors of agriculture, fisheries, housing, transportation and tourism;
A nation characterized by increasing social equity enabling meaningful participation in social and economic activities for all;
A nation which is resilient and prepared for the impacts of climate change.
Provide a clear and accessible investment framework for private and public works and actions which impact the social, economic and environmental health of the nation.

The following principles underlie the settlement structure and policies which will guide development in the future:

The efficient use of land, resources and finances of the nation.
The adoption of adaptive planning approaches in all aspects of national and sectoral planning for the consideration of climate variability and climate change impacts.
The promotion of social equity, health and safety for all residents.
The conservation, protection and restoration of irreplaceable core assets and man-made resources.
A settlement structure that maintains and creates safe, vibrant places for people to live, work and play.
The management of growth so that it occurs in a safe, logical and orderly fashion ensuring protection of core assets, reduction of environmental risks and ecological scarcities, promotion of sustainable development and efficiency in delivery of infrastructure.