Barbados Physical Development Plan 2017

Town & Country Development Planning Office

Opportunity to Define a New Paradigm

This PDP is a critical opportunity to change the traditional growth paradigm and introduce transformational and foundational policy directions that can guide more sustainable investment, land use and infrastructure decisions in Barbados.

Introducing transformational and foundational change
Addressing the urgency of climate change
Reframing planning for steady state growth
Redefining the island’s urban structure
Addressing Scarcity and Irreplaceable Resources
From car-centric transportation to multi-modal mobility
Celebrating heritage and the stories of Barbados
Integrating the island’s eco-systems
Moving toward the Green Economy
Moving toward food self-sufficiency and a viable agriculture sector
Diversifying the housing offering to meet the future demographic
Optimizing existing infrastructure and investing in sustainable infrastructure
Strengthening existing communities
Greening the tourism offering – beyond sun, sand and sea
Moving forward implementation of the National Park
Promoting sustainable resource management