Barbados Physical Development Plan 2017

Town & Country Development Planning Office

Promoting Sustainable Development

Barbados’ population growth over the next 20 years is projected to be just over 5,500 people, or 2% growth. After that population is expected to decline. Yet it is estimated that there are over 20,000 vacant residential lots in Barbados, and a rising level of vacancy in existing buildings, reaching 12% in 2012. In addition, approved applications for new subdivisions would create thousands more lots. There is an abundant supply of housing and land ready and approved to accommodate the steady state population growth forecast for Barbados over the next 20 years.

Planning for future population and settlement in Barbados will require an enhanced focus on sustainable and resilient development. Responding to key imperatives of the New Urban Agenda, climate change and resiliency, healthy communities, an aging community and recognizing Barbados as a Small Island Developing State requires a focus on optimizing existing settlement areas and efficient provision of infrastructure.

The policies in this section will guide development and investment decisions through the application of an island-wide growth management framework and a settlement structure that directs growth in a logical, efficient and compact manner. This framework defines the urban settlement area where growth and urban development are to be focused and rural areas within and outside of the National Park where food and agriculture, environmental restoration, natural resources and supporting rural settlements are prioritized. The growth management framework protects core assets and improves climate change resiliency while providing for healthy communities, a prosperous economy, efficient infrastructure and transportation services, and local food security.