Barbados Physical Development Plan 2017

Town & Country Development Planning Office


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Barbados Physical Development Plan Amendment - Proposed Structure

Image of the proposed structure of the plan


National Presentation Launch

Presentation given at PDP Draft Launch (102.9MB)

Six Cross Roads Presentation

Communit Meeting Presentation for Six Cross Roads (126.7MB)

Physical Development Plan (Draft) Sections

Due to the size of the document, it has been divided into smaller sections for ease of access.

Cover & Table of Contents

File 00 Cover & Table of Contents (6.4MB)


File A-01 Introduction(11.9MB)

Strategic Policies

File A-02_Strategic Policies (56.2MB)

Land Use and Built Form Policies

File 0A-03_Land Use and Built Form Policies (9.4MB)

System of Parks and Open Spaces

File A-04_System of Parks and Open Spaces (14MB)


File A-05_Implementation (1.3MB)

Community Plan - Bridgetown

File B-07_Bridgetown (64.7MB)

Community Plan - Speightstown

File B-08_Speightstown (23.9MB)

Community Plan - Holetown

File B-09_Holetown (28.6MB)

Community Plan - Oistins

File B-09_10_Oistins (24.3MB)

Community Plan - Six Roads

File B-11_Six Cross_Roads (16.3MB)

Community Plan - Warrens

File B-12_Warrens (20.4MB)

Community Plan - Wildey

File B-13_Wildey (11.6MB)

Community Plan - Belleplaine

File B-14_Belleplaine (16.3MB)

Community Plan - Bathsheba

File B-15_Bathsheba (13.1MB)

Community Plan - St. David's to Six Cross Roads

File B-16_St.David's_to_Six_Cross_Roads (45.1MB)

Appendix A - National Maps

File X_Appendix A - National Maps (44.3MB)

Appendix C - Heritage Assets

File X_Appendix C - Heritage Assets (0.2MB)