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Jan 27, 2022
Approval Cycle

There are various stages in the property development cycle that relate to the Town and Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO). Each stage provides a level of surety that the developer/owner/builder is complying with the development plans and planning regulations for Barbados as well as the plans and drawings approved by the Chief Town Planner.  The specific stages are outline below:

  • Submission of Application
    • Application Process leading to decision
  • Building Start
  • Certificate of Compliance

Submission of Application
Applications are either submitted to TCDPO as a formal application or permitted development. Each application has its own set of requirements and when met, processing of that application will begin. Chattel house applications are formal applications, but have different requirements.
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Once an application has been approved, the applicant is now ready for the next stage of development.

Building Start
After planning permission has been granted for any building or engineering operation the Chief Town Planner MUST be notified in writing of the date on which work is proposed to commence.

All proposed works should be set out for inspection by an Officer of the TCDPO prior to the commencement of works. It is critical that all 'linemarks'/irons are visible at the time of the inspection in order to allow for accurate measurements. The cost of the inspection is fifty ($50.00) dollars. A standard form letter referred to as a 'Building Start Letter' is dispatched with the planning permission in order to facilitate this process.

Certificate of Compliance
On completion of the development, applicants often require a 'Certificate of Compliance' verifying that the development has been satisfactorily completed.  Prior to the issuance of this certificate, all conditions attached to the planning permission MUST be satisfactorily discharged and the development should be carried out in accordance with the approved plan.

This process is triggered by a letter to the Chief Town Planner requesting a Certificate of Compliance. The fee for this service is fifty ($50.00) dollars.
In some instances, the Chief Town Planner may seek comments from a government ministry, department or statutory corporation prior to the issuance of the Certificate of Compliance in order to ensure that a specific condition has been satisfactorily discharged.

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