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Jan 27, 2022
About the Town & Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO)

The Town and Country Development Planning Office (TCDPO) is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the orderly and progressive development of land in both urban and rural areas of Barbados. The activities pursuant to this mandate are undertaken in accordance with the provisions of the Town and Country Planning Act, Cap. 240, (TCPA) and further regulated by the Town and Country Planning Development Order, 1972 (TCDPO). The primary functions of the TCDPO include:

  • Preparation and monitoring of physical development plans for the island
  • Controlling the development of land having regard to proper planning standards and environmental management practices
  • Monitoring of development activities and enforcement of planning control
Organisation & Management
  1. The internal organisation of the TCDPO comprises:
    1. Development Control Section - Processes applications for planning permission; undertakes assessments and evaluation of applications in relation to the appropriate policy and development standards and makes recommendations or decisions on these applications.
    2. Forward Planning Section - Responsibility for the preparation of physical development plans, the co-ordination of policy studies and direct participation in special planning projects and studies and the development and management of information systems. The policy division provides planning and property advice to Government; develops standards and policy guidelines and prepares development briefs. Other functions include participation on committees and the collection and compilation of information on the activities of the TCDPO and the preparation of performance reports.
    3. Planning Inspectorate - Key responsibility is to monitor development and to enforce planning control throughout the Island. The prime functions of this division can be considered to be investigation of complaints, inspection of buildings under construction and issuance of certificates of compliance.
    4. Administration and General Services - Provision of personnel management, administrative, clerical, stenographic and accounting functions.
  2. Development control, the process by which applications submitted for development are processed, accounts for the majority of the financial and human resources of the TCDPO.
  3. In order to facilitate the organisation and management of the development control function, the Island is divided into five (5) geographical areas – A, B, C D and E. Within each area, there is a defined organisational structure; the hallmark of which is a complementary hierarchy of duties and responsibilities. In general, this organisational structure reflects that of the TCDPO. While each development control area operates as a distinct unit, the system of management and the development control application process are similar.
  4. In addition, the TCDPO administers the Trees Preservation Act, and has certain responsibilities under the Entertainment Act, Properties Act, Tenantries Act, Gaming and Betting Act, Income Tax Act, Mental Health Act, Condominium Act and the Emergency Management Act.
  5. In addition, the Chief Town Planner and his nominees serve as directors on the boards of directors of a number of statutory corporations.

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